Thursday, November 21, 2019

Concepts of Operations Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Concepts of Operations Project - Essay Example Incident Response team (IRT) is the operational team of specialists responsible for performing an UC Davis Misuse Committee and Incident Response Team that is determined by the nature of the incident. A high level oversight of Incident Response Team (IRT) is offered by Misuse Committee. (Kovacich, 2003) Misuse Committee will be composed of Director of Resource Planning and Budget, Human Resources Director, Director of Internal Audit Services, UCDMC Compliance Officer and Chief of Police. The Chairperson of the Misuse Committee determines the company's designated Information Resource Security Guidelines Coordinator that will participate in the misuse Committee. This will be so during a discussion any suspected abuse or misuse of computing resources. In regards to IT incidents, the key responsibility of the Misuse Committee is to provide operational guidelines to the Incident Response Team (IRT). The guidelines include; general investigative protocol, information custody issues, data/evidence preservation, report content and quality assurance. The external law enforcement assistance may be sought by the Misuse Committee to investigate an incident. ... The Misuse Committee in turn approves the de-escalation of an incident from the highest severity rating to a lower severity rating. The Director of Information Technology will be notified of any high level severity incident or incident containment action in the judgment of the committee that disrupt the broad availability of UC Davis electronic circumstances by the Misuse Committee. He will also inform the Director of Information of any other incident that requires initiation of investigation communication or company-wide coordination with the external law enforcement agencies or collateral organizations. The operational capability of the Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) is to determine the best strategy to put the structure in place. They compare which strategy has worked well for others within their industry in order for them to establish guidelines on an effective incident response capability. Week One Goal Mission Statement B Concept Company's mission statement toward the development of an Information Systems Security Incident is to protect communications and promote standards that give them a unique advantage. The main aim of this policy is to ensure that B concept members are aware of their responsibilities toward safeguarding information assets of the company and also ensure that: The company meets it commitment of protecting information like the one mentioned in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Guidelines; That there is continued operations within the company facilitated by dependent on electronic access to information; The members and company's partners protects their personal information,

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